Hosting for Clubs from D91 and D71 is FREE from Jan – 1st Aug 2020.

From 1st Aug I need to cover the hosting costs and licences for Premium Plugins like Elementor.

We aim to have a price of around £3/month for each club. That does not include the renewal costs for your domain name, which you will need to pay separately to where your domain is registered.

Current setup - Jan 2020

The current hosting plan is with on a Go Geek Contract
There may come a point when this is not sufficient for the number of clubs wishing to join us.

I have purchased an agency licence for Elementor Pro.

We have other premium plugins that we may make available in the future for Email, SEO, Social Media, Training and Membership etc

None of these plugins are licenced to be used anywhere else but as part of our hosting package.

Limitations imposed

We limit the plugins used to the ones we choose and no others. There are several reasons for this.

  • We are using multisite so anything on your site can affect others.
  • We want a shortlist of plugins we know and trust
  • A mix of plugins will cause complications and support problems
  • A shortlist ensures faster responses and the ability to build a bank of experience and information.
  • We cant support plugins we don’t know.
  • More plugins can cause licence complications
  • We will create weekly backups. It is multisite so backups are more complicated
  • Multisite means we share the same version of WordPress, Theme and Plugins which makes updates far easier to manage.