Dear fellow Toastmasters,

The last two weeks have been a roller-coaster of challenges and success.

We have been at the forefront of helping Toastmaster Clubs become online virtual meeting clubs with the help of Zoom.

Our own John has been posting videos on the D91 YouTube Site. He has an 18 video playlist covering most issues. Watch the lot, or pick out the questions you need answers to.

Now we are in the realm of online meetings for a while, our technical team are looking for ways to smarter integration with Zoom.

There are some Zoom controls that we can access from your WordPress site, so we hope to have new features added to your Toastmaster Plugin within a couple of weeks.

We are also looking at how to manage the mailing list of members and guests to give them the information we need.

We also see that Meetup has changed its venue information so that you can advertise online links, so we will look for the best variation to do this too.