Tweaking settings for Elementor Support

The added style flexibility from Elementor is making life easier than the still basic Gutenberg Editor. It was inevitable that Elementor was going to have some issues with the layout design as it imposed its own rules. These are the issues that we have so far addressed

  • There is an override in Elementor for default fonts and this needs to be setup.
  • You can remove the default heading title to the page and put it in by hand with your content. This required some changes to the layout, now added to style sheet rules.
  • You can choose the default colours for Elementor to make the text more interesting. The values are up to you, but you may want to take a lead from the heading layout you have chosen. In the plugin settings to change the hading, we have added to codes for the main Toastmaster colours for your reference.
  • A thin line box has been put around the main top menu to stop the felling of it floating.
  • We are looking into creating a setup file to do most of this automatically.